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Thesis topics


Lattice editor with extended lattice visualization

Solution for credible online tests

DNS query visualization

Lukáš Sotorník

Homestead evidence

Jakub Vlach

Adventure game in faculty building

Ondřej Sikora

Faculty building interiors in Unreal Engine 4

Tomáš Pospíšil

Lab PC run accounting

Command-line tools for 3D printer control


Visualization of concept lattices

Perfect elevator

System for cloning of PC

Presentation of sport activity records

Visualization of Boolean matrix decomposition

Tomáš Vlk

Supervised theses


  1. Vladislav Krejčiřík: Personal classificatory agenda for schoolteacher (2007)
  2. Bohuslav Ječmen: Mailmerge for Scribus DTP system (2008)
  3. Petr Němec: (2008)
  4. Martin Bělaška: Community web for breeders (2009)
  5. Roman Hartig: Vector graphic 2D editor as a GUI to Metapost (2009)
  6. Lukáš Šembera: Web portal for diploma theses (2009)
  7. Martin Trnečka: Software plagiarism detection (2009, Rector's Award for the best scientific or art thesis)
  8. Pavla Vobrová: Demonstration of deterministic syntactic analysis (2009)
  9. Zdeněk Hlaváček: TeX on web (2010)
  10. Libor Pečinka: Czech PHP application framework (2010)
  11. Tomáš Petura: Demonstration and transformation of formal automata and grammars (2010)
  12. Martin Doubrava: Streaming DVB-T over LAN (2011)
  13. Maroš Gemzický: System for monitoring of computer network (2011)
  14. Michal Kandr: Visualization of (concept) lattices (2011)
  15. Alena Sirotková: Online catalog of czech and moravian dioceses (2011)
  16. Jiří Tempír: Data repository for FCA (2011)
  17. David Dočekal: User modest Problem Management Tool (2012)
  18. Radim Pešek: Stag client for Android (2012)
  19. Roman Tiefenbach: Estate search application for Android (2012)
  20. Lukáš Beran: Computing cluster in a lab (2013)
  21. David Jarůšek: Tool for stroke drawing (2013)
  22. Milan Řezníček: Regular expressions editor (2013)
  23. Jiří Spáčil: Drawing pictures for teaching math (2013)
  24. Petr Vopálenský: Demonstration of attacks on WIFI networks (2013)
  25. Adam Baron: Multiboot medium (2014)
  26. Kamil Kolakowski: Task scheduler implementation and testing (2015)
  27. Jan Baroš: System of second level DNS domain registration and management (2015)
  28. Jan Nováček: Convertor of data formats used in FCA and public repositories (2016, Dean's Award in the Students science contest)
  29. Martin Kordas: Agenda of research results (2016)
  30. David Rašovský: Mobile application TrainingBuddy (for Android) (2016)
  31. Daniel Batla: Application of control of hydrostatic drive cooling system of vehicle superstructure (2017)
  32. Marek Príbela: Building of faculty in Unreal Engine 4 (2017, Rector's Award for the best scientific or art thesis)


  1. Lukáš Hošťálek: Algorithms for drawing (concept) lattices (2007)
  2. Martin Raus: Web game for many players (2008)
  3. Martin Bělaška: Web contra classical desktop applications, E-mail client (2011)
  4. Jiří Rýznar: Computing part of a concept lattice (2011)
  5. Magdaléna Toman: Evaluating and comparing methods of data mining (2011)
  6. Lukáš Havrlant: FCA based search engine (2012, Dean's Award in the Students science contest)
  7. Radek Veselý: Personal agenda of students (2012)
  8. Petr Novosad: Comparison of web frameworks (2013)